الگو:Importance mask/توضیحات


This template is designed to be used by WikiProject banner templates to normalise the importance parameter.

The importances top, high, mid, low, and bottom may be enabled or disabled. However NA and Unknown may not be disabled.


Typically this template should be placed on the /importance subpage of a WikiProject banner template.

{{importance mask<noinclude>/templatepage</noinclude>


  • importance (Required) this parameter must be passed as the first unnamed parameter in all cases.
  • class (Required) – the 'class' parameter must be passed to allow the mask to automatically set the importance of non-articles to NA. Eg: class={{{class|}}}

Eg: importance={{{importance|}}}

  • top – specifies whether Top-importance is used, defaults to "yes".
  • high – specifies whether High-importance is used, defaults to "yes".
  • mid – specifies whether Mid-importance is used, defaults to "yes".
  • low – specifies whether Low-importance is used, defaults to "yes".
  • bottom – specifies whether Bottom-importance is used, defaults to "no".

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