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ضرب‌المثل‌های هلندی (هلندی: Nederlandse Spreekwoorden) یا ضرب‌المثل‌های فلامندرز یک نقاشی رنگ روغن سال ۱۵۵۹ اثر پیتر بروگل است که انسان‌ها، کمتر حیوانات و اشیاء، تصاویری از اصطلاحات و ضرب‌المثل‌های هلندی را در آن نشان می‌دهد.

ضرب‌المثل‌های هلندی
Pieter Brueghel the Elder - The Dutch Proverbs - Google Art Project.jpg
هنرمندپیتر بروگل
۱۱۷ cm × ۱۶۳ cm (۴۶ in × ۶۴ in)
مکانگِمالدِه‌گالری، برلین

فهرست ضرب‌المثل‌ها و اصطلاحات برجسته نقاشیویرایش

عبارات برجسته اشاره‌شده در نقاشی[۱][۲]
ضرب‌المثل/اصطلاح معنی ناحیه تصویر
قادر بودن حتی برای گره‌زدن شیطان به بالش(en)(fr)(nl) سرسختی همه‌چیز را حل می‌کند. پایین چپ  
ستون-گازگیر بودن(en)(fr)(nl) To be a religious hypocrite پایین چپ  
Never believe someone who carries fire in one hand and water in the other (fr)(nl) To be two-faced and to stir up trouble پایین چپ  
To bang one's head against a brick wall (fr)(nl) To try to achieve the impossible پایین چپ  
یک پا کفش‌پوشیده و یک پا برهنه(en)(fr)(nl) رعایت تعادل پایین چپ  
خوک چوب‌پنبه را می‌کِشد.(en)(fr)(nl) اهمال نتیجه‌اش فاجعه خواهد بود. پایین چپ  
زنگوله آویختن به گربه(en)(fr)(nl) انجام دادن یک طرح خطرناک یا غیر عملی پایین چپ  
تا دندان مسلح(en)(fr)(nl) بسیار مسلح پایین چپ  
زره به تن کردن(en)(fr)(nl) خشم‌گین شدن پایین چپ  
یکی پشم گوسفند را می‌تراشد، دیگری خوک را. (en)(fr)(nl) یکی کاملاً سودمند است، دیگری نه پایین چپ  
پشمش رو بتراش ولی پوستش رو نکن(en)(fr)(nl) بیش از اندازه برای بهره‌برداری فشار نیاورید. پایین چپ  
شاه‌ماهی اینجا سرخ نمی‌شود.(en)(nl) طبق برنامه پیش نمی‌رود پایین چپ  
To fry the whole herring for the sake of the roe (fr)(nl) تلاش بسیار برای نتیجه کم پایین چپ  
سرپوش[یادداشت ۱] روی سر گذاشتن. (en)(nl) از زیر مسئولیت در رفتن پایین چپ  
The herring hangs by its own gills (fr)(nl) You must accept responsibility for your own actions پایین چپ  
There is more in it than an empty herring (nl) There is more to it than meets the eye پایین چپ  
What can smoke do to iron? (fr)(nl) There is no point in trying to change the unchangeable پایین چپ  
پیدا کردن سگ در دیگ(en)(fr)(nl) وقتی برای شام دیر میرسی و میبینی همه غذاها خورده شده. پایین چپ[یادداشت ۲]  
نشستن بین دو چهارپایه در خاکستر(en)(fr)(nl) دو دل بودن پایین چپ  
To be a hen feeler (fr)(nl) To be very miserly (feeling whether the hen is about to lay an egg before slaughtering it) وسط چپ  
The scissors hang out there (fr)(nl) They are liable to cheat you there بالا چپ  
To always gnaw on a single bone (fr)(nl) To continually talk about the same subject بالا چپ  
It depends on the fall of the cards (fr)(nl) It is up to chance بالا چپ  
The world is turned upside down (fr)(nl) Everything is the opposite of what it should be بالا چپ  
Leave at least one egg in the nest (fr)(nl) Always have something in reserve بالا چپ  
To crap on the world (fr)(nl) To despise everything بالا چپ  
To lead each other by the nose (fr)(nl) To fool each other بالا چپ  
The die is cast (fr)(nl) The decision is made بالا چپ  
Fools get the best cards (fr)(nl) Luck can overcome intelligence بالا چپ  
To look through one's fingers (fr)(nl) To turn a blind eye بالا چپ  
There hangs the knife (fr)(nl) To issue a challenge بالا چپ  
There stand the wooden shoes (fr)(nl) To wait in vain بالا چپ  
To stick out the broom (fr)(nl) To have fun while the master is away بالا چپ  
To marry under the broomstick (fr)(nl) To live together without marrying بالا چپ  
To have the roof tiled with tarts (fr)(nl) To be very wealthy بالا چپ  
To have a hole in one's roof (fr)(nl) To be unintelligent بالا چپ  
An old roof needs a lot of patching up (fr)(nl) Old things need more maintenance بالا چپ  
The roof has laths(fr)(nl) There could be eavesdroppers (The walls have ears) وسط چپ  
To have toothache behind the ears(fr)(nl) To be a malingerer وسط چپ  
To be pissing against the moon(fr)(nl) To waste one's time on a futile endeavour وسط چپ  
Here hangs the pot(fr)(nl) It is the opposite of what it should be وسط چپ  
To shoot a second bolt to find the first(fr)(nl) To repeat a foolish action بالا چپ  
To shave the fool without lather(fr)(nl) To trick somebody وسط  
Two fools under one hood(fr)(nl) Stupidity loves company وسط  
It grows out of the window(fr)(nl) It cannot be concealed وسط  
To play on the pillory(fr)(nl) To attract attention to one's shameful acts بالا وسط  
When the gate is open the pigs will run into the corn(fr)(nl) Disaster ensues from carelessness بالا وسط  
When the corn decreases the pig increases If one person gains then another must lose بالا وسط  
To run like one's backside is on fire(fr)(nl) To be in great distress بالا وسط  
He who eats fire, craps sparks Do not be surprised at the outcome if you attempt a dangerous venture بالا وسط  
To hang one's cloak according to the wind(fr)(nl) To adapt one's viewpoint to the current opinion بالا وسط  
To toss feathers in the wind (fr)(nl) To work fruitlessly بالا وسط  
To gaze at the stork(fr)(nl) To waste one's time بالا وسط  
To try to kill two flies with one stroke(fr)(nl) To be efficient (equivalent to today's To kill two birds with one stone) بالا وسط  
To fall from the ox onto the rear end of an ass(fr)(nl) To fall on hard times بالا وسط  
To kiss the ring of the door (fr)(nl) To be obsequious بالا وسط  
To wipe one's backside on the door (nl) To treat something lightly بالا وسط  
To go around shouldering a burden (fr) (nl) To imagine that things are worse than they are بالا وسط  
One beggar pities the other standing in front of the door(nl) Being afraid for competition بالا وسط  
To fish behind the net (fr)(nl) To miss an opportunity وسط  
Sharks eat smaller fish (fr)(nl) Anything people say will be put in perspective according to their level of importance وسط  
To be unable to see the sun shine on the water(fr)(nl) To be jealous of another's success وسط  
It hangs like a privy over a ditch (fr)(nl) It is obvious وسط  
Anybody can see through an oak plank if there is a hole in it (fr)(nl) There is no point in stating the obvious وسط  
They both crap through the same hole (fr)(nl) They are inseparable comrades وسط  
To throw one's money into the water(fr)(nl) To waste one's money وسط  
A wall with cracks will soon collapse(fr)(nl) Anything poorly managed will soon fail وسط راست  
To not care whose house is on fire as long as one can warm oneself at the blaze(fr)(nl) To take every opportunity regardless of the consequences to others وسط راست  
To drag the block(fr)(nl) To be deceived by a lover or to work at a pointless task بالا راست  
Fear makes the old woman trot(fr)(nl) An unexpected event can reveal unknown qualities بالا راست  
Horse droppings are not figs (fr)(nl) Do not be fooled by appearances بالا راست  
اگر کوری یک کور را هدایت کند؛ هردو در جوی می‌افتند.(en)(fr)(nl) هیچ سودی در پیروی از نادان وجود ندارد. بالا راست  
The journey is not yet over when one can discern the church and steeple (fr)(nl) Do not give up until the task is fully complete بالا راست  
Everything, however finely spun, finally comes to the sun(nl) Nothing can be hidden forever بالا راست  
To keep one's eye on the sail(fr)(nl) To stay alert, be wary بالا راست  
To crap on the gallows(fr)(nl) To be undeterred by any penalty بالا راست  
Where the carcass is, there fly the crows(fr)(nl) If there's something to be gained, everyone hurries in front بالا راست  
It is easy to sail before the wind(fr)(nl) If conditions are favourable it is not difficult to achieve one's goal بالا راست  
Who knows why geese go barefoot?(fr)(nl) There is a reason for everything, though it may not be obvious بالا راست  
If I am not meant to be their keeper, I will let geese be geese Do not interfere in matters that are not your concern بالا راست  
دیدن رقص خرس‌ها[یادداشت ۳](en)(fr)(nl) گرسنگی راست  
خرس‌های وحشی مشارکت با خودشان را ترجیح می‌دهند[یادداشت ۳](en)(nl) همسالان با یک‌دیگر بهتر می‌سازند تا با دیگران راست  
To throw one's cowl over the fence(fr)(nl) To discard something without knowing whether it will be required later راست  
It is ill to swim against the current(fr)(nl) It is difficult to oppose the general opinion راست  
The pitcher goes to the water until it finally breaks(fr)(nl) Everything has its limitations راست  
The broadest straps are cut from someone else's leather (fr)(nl) One is quick to another's money. راست  
To hold an eel by the tail(fr)(nl) To undertake a difficult task (Compare: "Catch a tiger by the tail") راست  
To fall through the basket(fr)(nl) To have your deception uncovered راست  
To be suspended between heaven and earth(nl) To be in an awkward situation راست  
To keep the hen's egg and let the goose's egg go(fr)(nl) To make a bad decision راست  
To yawn against the oven(fr)(nl) To attempt more than one can manage پایین راست  
To be barely able to reach from one loaf to another(fr)(nl) To have difficulty living within budget پایین راست  
یک کج‌بیل بی دسته(en)(fr)(nl) احتمالاً یک چیز بی‌مصرف[یادداشت ۴] پایین راست  
To look for the hatchet(fr)(nl) To try to find an excuse پایین راست  
Here he is with his lantern(nl) To finally have an opportunity to show a talent پایین راست  
یک تیشه با یک دسته(en)(fr)(nl) احتمالاً بر «کل یک چیز» دلالت می‌کند.[یادداشت ۴] پایین راست  
He who has spilt his porridge cannot scrape it all up again(fr)(nl) Once something is done it cannot be undone (Compare: "Don't cry over spilt milk") پایین راست  
To put a spoke through someone's wheel(fr)(nl) To put up an obstacle, to destroy someone's plans پایین راست  
Love is on the side where the money bag hangs(fr)(nl) Love can be bought پایین راست  
To pull to get the longest end(fr)(nl) To attempt to get the advantage پایین راست  
To stand in one's own light(nl) To behave contrarily to one's own happiness or advantage پایین راست  
No one looks for others in the oven who has not been in there himself(nl) To imagine wickedness in others is a sign of wickedness in oneself پایین راست  
To have the world spinning on one's thumb(fr)(nl) To have every advantage (Compare: "To have the world in the palm of your hand") پایین راست  
To tie a flaxen beard to the face of Christ(fr)(nl) To hide deceit under a veneer of Christian piety پایین راست  
To have to stoop to get on in the world(fr)(nl) To succeed one must be willing to make sacrifices پایین راست  
To cast roses before swine(nl) To waste effort on the unworthy پایین وسط  
To fill the well after the calf has already drowned(fr)(nl) To take action only after a disaster (Compare: "Shutting the barn door after the horse has bolted") پایین وسط  
To be as gentle as a lamb(fr)(nl) Someone who is exceptionally calm or gentle پایین وسط  
She puts the blue cloak on her husband(fr)(nl) She deceives him پایین وسط  
Watch out that a black dog does not come in between(fr)(nl) Mind that things don't go wrong پایین وسط  
One winds on the distaff what the other spins(fr)(nl) Both spread gossip پایین وسط  
To carry the day out in baskets(fr)(nl) To waste one's time (Compare: "to carry coals to Newcastle" and "to sell sand in the desert") وسط  
To hold a candle to the Devil(fr)(nl) To flatter and make friends indiscriminately وسط  
To confess to the Devil(fr)(nl) To reveal secrets to one's enemy وسط  
The pig is stabbed through the belly(fr)(nl) A foregone conclusion or what is done can not be undone وسط  
Two dogs over one bone seldom agree(fr)(nl) To argue over a single point وسط  
When two dogs fight out who gets the bone,the third one steals it(fr)(nl) Self-explanatory وسط  
To be a skimming ladle(fr)(nl) To be a parasite or sponger وسط  
What is the good of a beautiful plate when there is nothing on it?(fr)(nl) Beauty does not make up for substance وسط  
«روباه و لک‌لک» یا «روباه و درنا» با هم شام می‌خورند.(en)(fr)(nl) اگر کسی را فریب دهید، ممکن است به خودتان بازگردد[یادداشت ۵] وسط  
To blow in the ear(fr)(nl) To spread gossip وسط  
Chalk up a debt(fr)(nl) To owe someone a favour وسط  
The meat on the spit must be basted(fr)(nl) Certain things need constant attention وسط  
There is no turning the spit with him(fr)(nl) He is uncooperative وسط  
To sit on hot coals(fr)(nl) To be impatient وسط  
صید ماهی بدون تور(en)(fr)(nl) استفاده از حاصل کار دیگران وسط  


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