الگو:نیازمند شفاف‌سازی

[نیازمند شفاف‌سازی]

توضیحات الگو[نمایش] [ویرایش] [تاریخچه] [پاکسازی]


{{نیازمند شفاف‌سازی|دلیل=توضیح|تاریخ=ژوئیه ۲۰۲۰}} یا {{نیازمند شفاف‌سازی|توضیح|ژوئیه ۲۰۲۰}}


مجموعه پارامتر به اختصار
{{ نیازمند شفاف‌سازی | date = ژوئیه ۲۰۲۰ | reason = }}
{{ نیازمند شفاف‌سازی | date = ژوئیه ۲۰۲۰ | reason = | text = }}
مجموعه کامل پارامتر
{{ نیازمند شفاف‌سازی | date = ژوئیه ۲۰۲۰ | reason = | text = | pre-text = | post-text = }}
توضیح پارامترها
This template allows an optional date parameter that records when the tag was added. If this template is added without the date parameter, the date parameter will be added soon after by a bot. Alternatively, you may add the date automatically (without requiring bot intervention) by substituting the template. That is: {{جا:نیازمند شفاف‌سازی}} is equivalent to {{نیازمند شفاف‌سازی|date=ژوئیه ۲۰۲۰}}. This technique also works if other parameters – |reason= |pre-text= |post-text= – are given.
Because it may not be immediately apparent to other editors what about the tagged passage is in need of clarification, it is generally helpful to add a brief reason for the tag: {{نیازمند شفاف‌سازی|reason=What the problem is}} (this is preferable to using a HTML <!-- comment --> after the tag, as it is tidier to keep all of the {{نیازمند شفاف‌سازی}}-related code inside the template). If the explanation would be lengthy, use the article's talk page.
As well as being visible in the source code for editors' benefit, the reason parameter is, if provided, displayed when the mouse is hovered over the "clarification needed" link in the article. For technical reasons, this mouse-over feature does not work if the reason text contains double quotes. Use single quotes instead, or use the code &quot; if it is essential to include a double quote.
The particular text needing clarification may be highlighted by wrapping this template around it:
As an example:
Text preceding the template, {{clarify|text=unclear text,|date=ژوئیه ۲۰۲۰}}, text following the template.
Text preceding the template, [نیازمند شفاف‌سازی], text following the template.
One can specify additional text to appear before and/or after the "نیازمند شفاف‌سازی" tag using the two parameters listed above.
Examples follow:
  1. {{نیازمند شفاف‌سازی|pre-text=???}}
    will cause 3 question marks to appear before "نیازمند شفاف‌سازی" like this:[??? نیازمند شفاف‌سازی]
  2. {{نیازمند شفاف‌سازی|post-text=(complicated jargon)}}
    will cause "(complicated jargon)" to appear after "نیازمند شفاف‌سازی" like this:[نیازمند شفاف‌سازی (complicated jargon)].
  3. {{نیازمند شفاف‌سازی|post-text=(see [[Talk:Example#Clarification needed|talk]])}}
    can be used to link to a discussion on the article's talk page; this example produces:[نیازمند شفاف‌سازی (see talk)]

داده‌های الگوویرایش

این توضیحاتِ داده‌های الگو این الگو است که توسط ویرایشگر دیداری و دیگر ابزارها استفاده می‌شود.

نیازمند شفاف‌سازی

پارامترهای الگو


A brief reason for the tag; do not include any double quotes.


Text fragment containing concerns the tag is supposed to address.


The date the tag was added (this will be added automatically soon by a bot if not added manually).


Any string to be added before the "Clarify" tag, such as "?"


Any string to be added after the "Clarify" tag, such as "complicated jargon".


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